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2015.09.08 P&A Client Advisory 2015:6

2014.02.07 P&A Client Advisory – Koss v. Palmer Water Dept (2700-07)

P&A successfully represented the Town of Framingham recently in obtaining a preliminary injunction in a zoning enforcement case entitled Town of Framingham v. Ekard Equipment Company, Inc., Middlesex Superior Court, C.A. No. 2014-00313. The Court’s ruling requires Ekard to undertake various compliance measures at its site as requested by the Town, including by removing a salt shed structure and road salt from the property, limiting the use of the property to Ekard and an affiliate entity called Russo Bros., Inc. and restoring the property to the approximate condition that it was in as of October, 2008.

P&A Client Advisory (2012-10)

P&A Client Advisory (2012:04)

P&A Client Advisory (2012:02)

P&A Client Advisory (2012:01)

August, 2011 – Christopher J. Petrini and Heather C. White co-authored an article entitled “What’s Up With the Attorney-Client Privilege? — Recent Developments in the Wake of Suffolk Construction v. DCAM” that was published in the August 2011 edition of the Massachusetts Lawyers Journal.

Training Program on the New Open Meeting Law (G.L. c. 30A, Secs. 18-25)

The Attorney-Client Privilege Between Municipalities and their Counsel in Light of Suffolk Construction Co., Inc. Decision, 6th Annual Municipal Law Conference 2008 (MCLE 2008)

Secrets To A Successful Public Construction Project, Massachusetts Municipal Law (Chapter 14) (1st Supplement 2008 and MCLE 2002—91002-20) (co-author)

When Your Public Construction Project Goes Bad, 5th Annual Municipal Law Conference 2007 (MCLE 2007)
Exhibits A and B
Exhibits C and D

Private Construction Contracts, Massachusetts Construction Law and Litigation, (Peloquin, J., Editor) (MCLE 2006) (co-author)

Privileges at Risk: Restoring the Rights of Public-Sector Clients, Christopher J. Petrini, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, April 24, 2006.

Local Health Boards Empowered to Promulgate and Enforce Smoking Bans in Face of Contrary Town Bylaw, Framingham Restaurant Association v. Town of Framingham, Massachusetts Bar Association Section Review, 2003 MBA Section Review, Vol;. 6, No. 1, p. 51.

Recent Developments in Scrutiny of Municipal Actions, Municipal Law Conference 2002 (Section 8) (MCLE 2002)

What Do You Do When OSHA Comes Knocking At Your Door, Boston Business Journal, (October 5-11, 2001) (with James B. Peloquin)

What Do you Do With a Defective Bid? in Massachusetts Construction Law: What do You do When . . .? (National Business Institute 2000)

What Do you Do When it is Time to Sign the Contract? in Massachusetts Construction Law: What do You do When . . .? (National Business Institute 2000)

What Do you Do When the Plans and Specifications are Deficient? in Massachusetts Construction Law: What do You do When . . .? (National Business Institute 2000)

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Key Changes in Contract Benefits and Risk Allocations Effected by 1997
Revisions to AIA Forms
, in Current Developments in Massachusetts Construction Law (MCLE 1999)

An Owner’s Perspective in Negotiating and Drafting Construction Contracts (MCLE 1998)

Drafting Construction Contracts: Subcontractor’s Perspective in Construction Contracts: Building Them Up and Tearing Them Down (MCLE 1997)

Batson v Kentucky: A Promise Unfulfilled, 58 U.Mo.K.C. L. Rev. 361 (1990) (co-author)

Drug Testing and Public Employment: Toward A Rational Application Of The Fourth Amendment, 51 Law & Contemp. Probs. 253 (1988) (co-author)

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